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Kenya – Safaricom Free Zone

Safaricom, a mobile services operator in Kenya, is now offering Google Free Zone to its mobile phone subscribers! Users with safaricom phones will now be able to access all of Google’s applications via their mobile network  without incurring any data fees. These Google apps include; Google +, Gmail and Google Search. Safaricom free zone users should keep in mind that data fees will incur if links or 3rd party websites are access outside of Google’s applications.

Even Safaricom employees are happy about this new and exciting partnership with Google! Check out the video below!

Users who wish to access free safaricom internet and data through free zone are required to follow one simple step: simply dial *544# and select “Google Free Zone” before continuing. Once the message is confirmed, safaricom users are now enabled to email, surf and socialize completely free!

Update: Safaricom mobile in Kenya no longer offers this service to its customers.

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