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AIS Free Zone – Thailand

Google free zone is now available in Thailand! Google and AIS have partnered up to create AIS free zone which allows mobile phone users mobile web access absolutely free of charge. By using free zone, mobile customers will get AIS free internet using their mobile phones while using the following Google products and services: Google Search, Gmail and Google +.

In order to for AIS mobile customers to access free mobile internet, they must be subscribed to a data plan. However, no data charges will occur if users stay within Google’s applications (eg. clicking  3rd party links, browsing outside of search results, etc.)

Have a look at the video below to learn more about AIS and this excellent free mobile data service:

There are a few restrictions for AIS customers who are wanted to access free zone on their mobile phones. Looking for an answer? AIS took the time to produce a FAQ page for those of you who need more information. To learn more about AIS and how to set up free zone on your mobile device, visit the AIS website here.

AIS is offering free mobile internet through google for a limited time only. Users will be notified immediately when regular data charges occur using this service.

Update: AIS no offers Free Zone to its customers.

Have a question? Would you like share your experience using AIS free zone? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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