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Are You In The Free Zone?

Google Free Zone gives users the freedom to surf the web, check email and socialize using Google Plus,without incurring any data fees.

freezoneTo date, thousands of mobile users all over the world are enjoying the freedom and benefits that Google’s Free Zone provides. Currently, there are 4 countries that are participating with Google’s Free Zone service. These countries are as follows:

  • Philippines (Globe)
  • India (Airtel)
  • Thailand (AIS)
  • Sri Lanka (Dialog Axiata)

Free Zone – What is it?

Google’s Free Zone is partnering up with mobile carriers around the world to offer free mobile services (Google Search, Google Plus, Gmail). No data subscription is required, and the free zone service will work with most mobile phones. Surf any website you want (unlimited), when you want – absolutely free.

Even better, there is no data limit when using free zone! All clicks are free within Google’s search pages as well as unlimited use of Gmail and Google Plus services. Keep in mind, that clicks that lead outside of Google’s search results pages will receive a warning that fees will be incurred. The same applies to Gmail and Google Plus products. However, all clicks made within the Google results pages are of course, free.

Participating Free Zone Mobile Carriers

Globe Free Zone – Philippines

The Philippines and one of it’s leading mobile carriers, Globe, was the first to get full access to the free zone offered by Google. Up until now, over 100,000 Globe users are enjoying the benefits of free unlimited data the free zone offers. Starting in November 2012, Globe users will have full unlimited access to Google’s free zone. Update: Unfortunately, Globe has discontinued it free zone services starting March 31, 2013. Hopefully Google’s free zone makes its way back into the land of smiles once again! See Globe Free Zone for more information about this service.

Airtel Free Zone – India

India’s mobile giant, Airtel, has partnered with Google’s Free Zone to offer mobile users unlimited access to all of Google’s mail, search and social services. No data plan is required through Airtel (reportedly), so users on a budget can enjoy all of Google’s services via web mobile whenever they want! (Up to 1GB). To find out more information about Airtel and it’s free zone services, visit Airtel Free Zone. You’ll find a list of frequently asked questions along with instructions on how to sign up and take advantage of Airtel’s free zone data service.

AIS Free Zone – Thailand

Thailand’s mobile authority, AIS, introduced it’s partnership with Google’s Free Zone in June 2013. AIS users need only to subscribe to a basic mobile package plan to access free zone. No data plan is required! AIS free zone is still free to access and to use for all mobile AIS subscribers. However, there’s word that AIS may charge for the use of the free zone service in the near future. To learn more about AIS free zone, please see AIS Free Zone – Thailand.

Dialog Axiata Free Zone – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has also recently dazzled its customers by offering it’s own free zone service to all of its users. A basic mobile package is required, but mobile users do not have to subscribe to a data plan in order to avail of the free zone. Introduced in April 2013, Dialog free zone has allowed users to freely access Google search, Gmail and Google Plus social platform. While the free zone is offered to it’s cutomers free of charge, the word is out that it may be short lived. Enjoy it while you can my friends! Visit Dialog Axiata Free Zone for more information and frequently asked questions.

Safaricom Free Zone – Kenya

Welcome to free zone, safaricom customers! Mobile subscribers to Safaricom now have the opportunity to surf, email and share away as much as they like completely free! Customers can now enjoy unlimited free Safaricom internet using their mobile phones  – as long as they stay within Google’s applications: Gmail, Google+ and Google Search. Even better, Safaricom free zone users are not required to have a mobile internet data plan to access Google’s free zone. This awesome free service may not be around for long, so get in while you can! You can’t beat free! Need more information about Safaricom google free zone? Have a look at this link to get started right away!

How to Access Google’s Free Zone

Mobile customers who are currently subscribed to Globe/Airtel/AIS/Dialog Axianta can easily access free zone by doing the following: Simply sign in to your Google Account at the following link:  http://g.co/freezone using your mobile or smartphone. After signing in, you’ll have free access to Gmail, Google Plus and Google Search. Make sure your screen shows the green bar at the top of your screen to indicate you are in fact connect to Google’s Free Zone. For those of you who need a Google Account, creating one is easy – just visit this : http://g.co/freezone. Google Free Zone can only be access using your mobile’s default browser. Add-on browsers like QQn and Bolt will not work with free zone. Keep in touch with Free Zone powered by Google by visiting this link.

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